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Hellseeker Hybrid Quartz Gauge

Hellseeker Hybrid Quartz gauge

Panther’s Hellseeker Hybrid Quartz Probe is a highly precise, down hole electronic pressure/temperature memory gauge.  It is designed with leading technology that is unmatched by any other product currently available.

Panther Probe uses Quartzdyne technology that provides our gauge with high resolution, reproducibility, and long-term stability combined with the ruggedness needed for successful long term well testing.

Our new Hellseeker Hybrid tool is a culmination of 18 years experience in pressure recorder design and hybrid technology.  We have taken out all the typical failure mechanisms in printed circuit design using bare die (no plastic encapsulation) and have sealed our ceramic substrate in a hermetic module.  We then mount our hybrid module in a secondary pressure proof housing using a connector rated to 20,000 psi and 200 degrees Celcius.

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Technical Specifications


Accuracy (% of full scale) 0.02
Resolution (% of full scale) 0.00006 or 0.02 kPa 35000 kPa gauge
Repeatability (% of full scale) < 0.01 error
Available Sensors 3.5 mPa - 138 mPa (5,000 psi - 20,000 psi)


Accuracy 0.2 ° C
Resolution 0.01 ° C
Operating Temperature 190 ° C


Number of Data Sets 1,000,000 sets
Battery Capacity (days)
225 days @ 30 seconds


Outside Diameter
1.32 inch (3.35 cm) | 1.25 inch (3.18 cm)
Length 22 inch (55.88 cm) | 24.6 inch (62.48 cm)
Tranducer Type Quartzdyne quartz resonator
Material Hastelloy C-276 and Incolloy 718 / 925

Power Requirements

Voltage 3V
Source Lithium Battery
Battery Type 1 CC Cell Pack